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Real estate investment and development firm LyonJay is excited to announce their recent partnership with R2R Capital, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. R2R Capital has provided a $65-million guidance line, allowing LyonJay to further acquire land for single-family lot development. This programmatic investment addresses the need for residential lot development on both a regional and national level.

We have been working with R2R Capital for seven years and look forward to continuing this partnership that will ultimately give us the opportunity to continue building best-in-class communities throughout the Southeast

Jennings Lyon, Founding Partner/CEO of LyonJay

The LyonJay team has constructed, developed, managed, and invested in nearly 10,000 units across 11 states. Ultimately striving to develop lasting legacies by providing superior quality and value for investors, clients, and residents, LyonJay is committed to integrity and excellence.

“After working with the LyonJay team for many years, we are certain this opportunistic investment will give them the ability to continue transforming raw land into residential communities that are essential at this time,” said Ricky Rees, CEO of R2R Capital.

As a company that strives to maximize value in each investment class, we are confident that this partnership will not only allow us to further our lot development presence, but more importantly, give our residents homes for a lifetime

J.K. Jay, Founding Partner/President of LyonJay

About LyonJay

LyonJay is a real estate development and investment firm based in Greenville, South Carolina. The three main pillars of our business are investment, development and construction, and property management. We focus primarily on opportunistic investments in the housing sector, including lot development for publicly listed builders, build-for-rent communities, and single and multi-family rentals. With billions of dollars’ worth of experience, our team has developed a deep understanding of how to maximize value in each investment class.

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